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AnnoWorld has quite a lot of downloads. There a demo-version of Anno 1602, the official Anno 1602 music and several patches. There are also Anno 1503 trailers available and soon there will be much more. Once the demo-version of Anno 1503 will be released, you can download it here.
In a few months Anno 1503 will finally be released. We've collected some screenshots to give you an idea how Anno 1503 will look like. You can also look at the features and at the buildings which can be build by the player. Take a look at the animations of Anno 1503 en play the annogame.

Do you want to link your website to AnnoWorld? That's possible and very simple. Just put the following HTML-code on your website:
<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="
/AnnoWorldLogo.gif" width="100" height="50" alt="AnnoWorld" border="0"></a>

This will be the result:


Please sign the guestbook and tell us what you think of this website. If you have a question about Anno 1602, Anno 1503 or AnnoWorld and you can't find the answer on the website, you can always send an e-mail. technical tips about the website are also welcome.