Appendix D

Keyboard assignments

F2=Zoom level 3 - birds eye view
F3=Zoom level 2 - normal view
F4=Zoom level 1 - detailed view
F5= Normal game speed
F6= Double game speed
F7= Quadruple game speed
Z= Rotate counter-clockwise
X= rotate clockwise
O= Options menu
D= Diplomacy menu
L= Save/Load game menu
B= Constuction menu
K=Combat mode (battle) I= Info mode (status)
F= Video sequences and speech menu
W= Ship hoists white flag and surrender to the pirates
J= jump to the active object
H= Cycle between own warehouses
Pause=Pause the game
ESC/right mouse button= End pause/interupts videos/back to previous menu/
S= Shows list of shipown ships
C= Shows list of own and allied cities
Ctrl+1-9=Store assembled troops
1-9=Call stored troop assemblies
F8=Select wounded (only if health is less then 50%)
F9= Pick infantry out of selected soldiers
F10= Pick calvary out selected soldiers
F11= Pick musketeers out of selected soldiers
F12= Pick artillery out of selected soldiers

Multiplayer mode only
Alt+1=Chat to red player
Alt+2=Chat to blue player
Alt+3=Chat to yellow player
Alt+4=Chat to white player
Alt+5=Chat to all players