8.3 Trading With Settlers On Other Islands

If you have a trade agreement with another player you can see what he wants to buy, or sell, by clicking on his warehouse or market places. Perhaps they produce goods which you urgently need, or maybe they need something of which you have a surplus. Sail your ship to other islands and offer your goods for sale, or buy those you need. Keep a sharp eye on the price, though. Load your ship by sailing to the dock in front of your warehouse and clicking the wooden crate. explains in detail how to load, and unload your ship. The tutorial "Trade And Diplomacy" will let you practice trading with settlers on other islands. After loading your ship, sail to another player's warehouse (one with whom you have a trade agreement). The trade symbol (money bag) will replace the wooden crate in the ship menu. Click the money bag to trade. Now choose the product you want to sell. You can now see the price your trading partner is prepared to pay. If you agree with the price, click the arrow pointing up to sell the goods. Your account is automatically credited with the money. if you are not happy with the price, click the right mouse button to leave the trading menu and sail off to another player's dock. When a trading partner has no interest in your product the arrow pointing up is transparent. If you want to buy goods that your partner has on sale, click the product you wish to buy and use the arrow pointing down to load the amount needed onto your ship. Now sail back to your warehouse and unload your ship, so that your settlers can have access to the new products you brought them.