6.4 Demolition

6.4.jpg  Buildings or objects that are no longer needed, or have been built in the wrong place, can be demolished. To demolish a building, click the pickaxe icon. Next move the cursor to the building, road, or plant you wish to demolish and click the left mouse button. The building or object will immediately disappear from the screen. If you want to clear an entire area, hold the left mouse button down and draw a frame around the area you want to clear. All the selected objects inside the frame disappear. You can use this, for example, to clear land for a farm even after you have already built the farmhouse. In this case only the plants around the farmhouse will be removed, while the farmhouse remains untouched. Careful: the "demolish" function is final. If you mistakenly tear down the wrong building, you will have to rebuild it using standard methods and resources.