3.1 Starting the program

Start Windows® 95/98 and load the 1602 A.D. CD into your CD-Rom drive. Please exit all other programs before starting 1602 A.D. If Windows® 95/98 is in the "Autostart" mode the 1602 A.D. start screen will appear after a few seconds. Click "Start" to load the game. If the Windows® 95/98 "Autostart" mode is deactivated, look for 1602 A.D. in the program group where you installed it. Click the "Start" button in Windows® 95/98 task bar and look under "Programs". Choose the "1602 A.D." program group, or the program group where you installed 1602 A.D., and click "1602 A.D." to start the game. The introduction, which tells the 1602 A.D. story, will start after a few seconds. You can quit the intro at any time by either pressing the "Esc" button, or right clicking on your mouse. Once the intro is over the main menu will appear.