11.4.2 Distributing Resources

Open the creation menu and click the random distribution icon. The new menu now displays all the resources that can either be distributed at random, or specifically assigned, throughout your island chain. The agricultural products are tobacco, grapevines, sugar cane, cocoa, cotton, and spices. Furthermore, both small and large iron ore deposits, as well as gold deposits, may also be distributed. You must additionally decide wether or not treasures and native villages are to be found in your island chain. The two different native villages differ only in appearance. Under the icons you will see two numbers. The number on the left represents how often these products are to be randomly assigned a 100% yield rate. Use the two arrows to change this number. The number on the right represents how often you have directly assigned these products to chosen islands. This number cannot be changed in this menu, as it is determined by the settings you have made while creating your island in the info mode.

Each product may only be found once on each island. This means that if you assign more products than there are islands on which they could actually be found, the extra products assigned will be ignored.Treasures can only be distributed randomly.

If you assign an island resources with a yield rate of 100%, you may only designate three products, depending upon the type of vegetation. For example, your island may have a yield rate of 100% for tobacco, grape vines, and sugarcane. Should you, however, assign these resources over the random distribution menu only two, at most, will have a yield rate of 100% even though you have assigned enough resources. The availability of resources on your islands affects the difficulty of your senarios.If the agricultural products on your island only have a yield rate of 50%, it will be much more difficult to ground, and successfully develop, a flourishing settlement.

Please note that at least one island in your chain should have a yield rate of 100% for either grapevines or sugarcane. Otherwise, it will not be possible to produce alcohol.Cocoa is also one of the products that cannot be replaced.Tobacco and spices have the same value. Either one of these, if it is available in sufficient quantity, can make up for a deficit in the supply of the other. In order to be able to produce the necessary products, you will have to ensure that these agricultural products can be found with a yield rate of 100% somewhere in your island chain.