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The End of a Long Trip

The purpose of this Scenario is to allow you to practice some of the very basics of the game. In this case, you need a total of 60 inhabitants with 40 of them being Settlers. From the Manual, you know that for 40 Settlers, you need 7 Houses (40 / 6).

From the opening scene, travel to any of the close islands and build your Warehouse. It doesnít matter what crops the island supports because all you need for Settlers is Cloth provided by Sheep Farms (which you can build on any island) and a Weaverís Hut.

Now build 1 or 2 Fisher Huts and 1 or even 2 Foresters. Locate close to your Warehouse. Now build a Market at the edge of the circle of influence of the Warehouse and build a Chapel next to it. Next build 25 to 30 houses around your Chapel. Make sure the houses are within the circle of the Chapel or they wonít advance to Settler. Click on one of the Houses and increase the tax level to maximum. This quantity of houses and tax level will insure that you have a positive flow of gold. While you are doing this, you will notice Free Traders will start to visit your Warehouse. Set your Warehouse to buy some Tools but set the price fairly low, say at 75 Gold per Ton. Once you get your houses built, set your Warehouse to Sell excess Wood. Donít sell it all though! Keep at least 24 Wood on hand for another Market and your Sheep Farms and Weaverís Hut.

Now build another Market at the edge of your first Marketís circle of influence. Adjacent that Market build 2 Sheep Farms and a Weaverís Hut. Connect a road to the Weaverís Hut but you donít have to connect roads to the Sheep Farms.

Once you have all this built, check the amount of Tools you have. If you have more than 7, set your Warehouse to not buy any more Tools. You need 7 Tools to advance 7 houses to Settler level. Now check your Wood. Make sure you have at least 21 Wood and set your Warehouse to Sell anything more than that. You need 21 Wood (3 per house) to advance your 7 Houses to Settler. Now just sit back and watch the Gold Balance at the bottom of the column on the right side of the screen. As soon as that number goes positive and you have 7 houses of Settlers, you win.

One Lone Settlement

This Scenario introduces you to the use of your Ships to transport Goods, that your people need, from a Production island to your City.

You donít have to build any houses. (Donít forget to increase taxes on your Pioneers.) Remember you need a Market, a Chapel, and Cloth to advance from Pioneers to Settlers. Also, you need to have 100 Settlers in your little Town. Thatís 17 Houses advanced from Pioneer to Settler for which you will need 17 Tools and 51 Wood.

First build a Market and a Chapel on your home island. Watch where you put them so that you make sure to cover at least 17 houses. You will also need another Fisher Hut and you can build a Forester for some Wood at home.

Load your Ship with, at least, 12 Tools and 6 Wood. Travel to any nearby island and build a Warehouse and a Forester. As soon as you have accumulated 14 Wood, build 2 Sheep Farms and a Weaverís Hut to make Cloth. Set your Ship on auto-trade to transport Cloth and Wood from your Farms (Production Island) to your City. Then just sit back and watch!

The Quest for Ore Deposits

This Scenario introduces you to Mining. First, find an island which has an Iron Ore Mountain on it. Then proceed to build up a small village as described in the previous Scenarios. You should try to build up to at least 30 houses and then allow for advancing all of them to Settlers. This should provide enough Gold in taxes to finance your project.

Buy Tools from the Free Traders. Once you have 15 Settlers (3 houses advanced) build a Quarry and Stonemason as you need Bricks to build your mine. Once you reach 120 Settlers you are ready to build your Mine and an Ore Smelter to process the Ore into the 10 Tons of Iron you need to win.

Donít forget about food. Fisher Huts are again the best. You will have to build at least 3 - 4 Fishers. When you are starting out your Town, build at least 2 Foresters and, if you have room, 3 works best. This provides you with fast Wood production and allows the building of houses to proceed quickly. The faster you can build the 30 houses within the circle of your Chapel, the faster you will have a positive flow of Gold. Also, you will need 90 Wood to advance your houses to Settler as well as Wood to fuel the Ore Smelter. You can sell any excess Wood as well as Bricks, after you have built your Mine.

The Trial

Here you can combine everything you have learned up to this point. You need 500 Citizens plus a positive overall Balance of 250 Gold to win. For 500 Citizens, you will need 34 Houses. To advance them from Settlers, you need 68 Tools + 68 Wood + 204 Bricks plus Tobacco, Liquor (from a Winery or a Distillery), a School and a Tavern. You will also need a Firehouse and a Doctor. These you donít need to advance but will need to fight fires and the Plague. As soon as you advance to your first Citizens, the Plague will probably hit, so be ready to build your Doctor. Quarry bricks on another adjacent island and use your ship to import to your base island as you are advancing. In addition, build at least 3 Foresters and 3 Quarries on your home island. You can use Fisheries for all your Food but you will need approximately 10 of them.

It doesnít much matter which island you chose to initially settle, but preferably one of the larger islands in the northeast portion of the map. Almost every island has an Iron Ore mountain so once you get to 120 Settlers, Iron ore and Tools should not be a problem. If the mine on one island runs out, just build a Warehouse on another island and import. Or buy Iron Ore and Tools from the Free Traders. Pretty well all of the NE islands have Tobacco or Vines or Sugarcane at 100% and some have two of these at 100%. If your initial island happens to have Tobacco and either Vines or Sugarcane at 100%, you really donít have to settle any other islands if you plan your buildings carefully. If you only have one crop at 100%, you will have to settle another island so do some exploring to find the complementary 100% crop on another island. You will need 2 Tobacco Producers (4 Plantations) and 2 Distilleries (4 Sugarcane plantations) or 4 Wineries to keep your people happy and advance them.

It is a good idea to settle one of the nearby islands under all circumstances. This island can be an extra source of Food and Cloth as well as Bricks for your main island. This island will probably also have Tobacco or Liquor at 100%. These you can use to produce and sell. Also sell Wood, Bricks, Cloth, Tools (always keeping enough in storage to advance), and excess Tobacco and Liquor. If you donít over-build, the taxes from your 500 Citizens will pretty much ensure the positive balance of 250 Gold you need to win. Your 1 initial ship is really all you need but, once you reach 120 Settlers, you can build a shipyard and make more ships. Remember they cost you Wood and Cloth so make sure your Production covers the ship building.

As soon as you reach 200 Citizens you can build a Weaving Mill. You will need this to serve your 500 Citizens. Simply replace your Weaverís Hut with the Weaving Mill and add a Sheep Farm within the circle of the Mill. Then just check now and then to make sure your Cloth supply is still okay. If you would like some extra income, you can build an Armourer as soon as you have 200 Settlers and sell Swords. This uses Iron so make sure you have a good supply of Iron Ore. In addition, once you reach 150 Citizens, you can build a Gold Mine and sell the Gold for good income. At 200 Citizens, you can build a Tailor and sell Clothes as another good source of income. The Tailor uses Cloth so it may be a good idea to place this and an extra Weaver/Sheep Farm combo on another island so that you donít short your main island of Cloth.

Peaceful Reign

You start with 17 Houses and need 200 Citizens (14 Houses) to win. Citizens need Cloth (which you can produce at home), Liquor, and Tobacco or Spice. You also need Bricks to advance from Settler to Citizen. The small island just east of your home base has a mountain for Bricks and will produce Spice at 100%. Now all you need is a source of Liquor. Your Opponent to the east of you produces and sells Liquor, although in small quantities.

You may want to build a few more houses to help with taxes and cash flow. Make sure you build within the circle of the Chapel. Add a Tavern, School and Fire Brigade to your Home island positioned to cover your houses. For the Tavern and School, donít worry about covering all your houses, just the 14 that you need to advance.

On the small island to the east, build a Quarry and a Spice Plantation. Donít give your people the Spice yet, though. Just stockpile it. Ferry Bricks over to your main island for Construction and advancement. Sail over to your Opponentís island to the east and start buying Liquor. You can also buy from the Free Traders but it is cheaper to buy direct. Watch your Cash Flow to make sure it stays positive most of the time. Once youíve bought about 40 to 50 Tons of Liquor, sail back to your Spice island and load up on Spice. Then bring both to your main island and feed to your people to allow them to advance. This should be done after youíve built the Tavern and School and have stockpiled enough Tools, Wood and Brick to advance 14 houses. You will need a total of 42 Tools + 42 Wood + 84 Bricks.

Make sure you improve your Warehouse to a Warehouse II to allow you to store more materials. Sell excess Wood, Bricks, and Spice for income. You could build a second Spice Plantation and sell its production.

No Surplus of Land

Your goal in this Scenario is to build 2 cities each having 500 inhabitants of which 250 much be Citizens and you must have a positive overall balance of 200 Gold. The first task is to find an initial island. Start off by heading for the largest Northern islands which are not yet occupied. You will need cities with 17 houses of Citizens. Donít just build 17 houses, though. Try to organize your building so that you get about 30 - 34 houses. To reach 500 inhabitants you will probably have to advance to 400 or so Citizens (25 houses). This many houses will also help in creating a positive cash flow as soon as possible. Build food sources and a Sheep Farm/Weaver combo. While your first city is advancing to Settler, start searching for a second island. An island that has Spice at 100% will do as well as any that have Tobacco or Vines/Sugarcane at 100%. The size of the islands dictates that each city will require 1 or even 2 producing islands associated with it. These producing islands should supply Food, Bricks, Cloth, Liquor and Tobacco or Spice. Once you get to 120 Settlers, prepare to build a Shipyard to produce the extra ships you will need for transporting supplies to your Cities.

This is the first Scenario where the Pirates appear so be prepared to raise the white flag. To help counteract the Pirates, do not fill your supply ships full of goods. Load 20 - 25 Tons only. Your ships are faster than the Pirates. Check them once and awhile and make sure you repair them regularly.

You will require, at least, 3 Distilleries or 6 Wineries to supply Liquor to your two islands as well as 3 Tobacco Producers or 5 Spice Plantations. Provide Tobacco to your northern island using 2 Tobacco Producers and provide Spice to your southern colony using 2 or 3 Spice Plantations. If you can build your first city on an island with Sugarcane at 100%, build 2 Distilleries on your home island. Liquor for your south island can be obtained from building a Warehouse on one of the small northern islands closest to your southern colony. Build 2 Distilleries and import. Also use the Free Traders to help with your supplies.

The rest is basically a continuation of the previous Scenarios. Sell excess Products. Buy Tools and Iron Ore or build an Iron Ore Mine. Make sure you have sufficient quantities of Tools, Wood and Bricks to advance your people.

New Discoveries

First of all head for the large island is the north just east of the centre line. This island should have Tobacco and Sugarcane at 100% and serve as a good base to get your people to Citizen level. One of the winning conditions is to have 100 Aristocrats (3 houses) but to ensure a good cash flow, build at least 25 to 30 houses. You should have no trouble feeding this many people nor providing them with Tobacco, Liquor and Cocoa to get them to Merchant level. For 30 houses of Merchants (750 people) all you need are 3 Tobacco Producers, 3 Distilleries and 3 - 4 Cocoa Plantations.

One of the small islands in the southwest has Cocoa at 100% and has a Gold mountain. Settling this island should be one of your priorities. A small island in the south centre, among your Opponents, has Cotton at 100% and should serve as a source for Cloth and Clothes. You can sell Clothes, Gold and Jewelry (once you have 250 Merchants) to help your economy until you are ready to advance to Aristocrat. There are a number of small islands around your home base that can serve as supply bases or export producers.

Build a shipyard when you have 120 Settlers and produce ships as your economy allows. You donít need very many but you will need some to transport supplies to your home base.

This Scenario has Pirates again. Wait for awhile after they initially appear and then check the small islands to find their base. It is prudent to park one ship in front of their Warehouse with its white flag raised and then pay the Pirates Protection money whenever they attack you. This allows you to concentrate on your people and economy. Make sure the ship does not have cannons, though.

When you are building Plantations to provide your Settlers with Tobacco and Liquor to advance them to Citizens, always build the Liquor producers first. Once you supply them with Liquor, you can raise taxes on the Settlers to 45% to help finance the Tobacco Producers.

To get ready to advance to Aristocrats, build 1 or 2 Spice plantations on your south islands. Load a ship with 50 Tons of spices, 50 Tons of Clothes and 50 Tons of Jewelry and deliver to your people when you want them to advance. This amount is more than enough to advance your 3 houses to Aristocrat as long as you have the needed building materials and your economy is producing the positive balance of 500 Gold needed to win. Sale of Jewelry, Clothes and excess Tools should easily produce the 500 Gold balance. Just turn all buying off.

Good Neighbors

To start, settle the large vacant island closest to your starting point. You can try to reach the other large vacant island but the third computer player will probably beat you to it. Your starting island will have Cocoa at 100%, and is the only island other than the small one in the southwest corner to have Cocoa at 100%. If you settle both these islands, you will have a monopoly in Cocoa and a good income from it. You will need it to buy Tobacco and, possibly, Liquor from your Competitors.

It will be advantageous to also settle, early, the medium sized island furthest away from you. This island has Sugarcane at 100% and a Gold mountain. It will allow you to produce your own Liquor as well as Gold and Jewelry for export. More excellent income earners. A word of caution. If you settle this island, build a Forester and buy Tools so that you can build multiple Markets to control the whole island. If you donít, one of your Competitors will also settle it, which can produce hostile situations.

On your initial island, build approximately 35 - 40 houses in order to provide a fast positive income. In addition, once who have advanced all your houses to Settler level, transport Liquor from your eastern island before buying Tobacco or building 50% Spice Plantations. This will allow you to increase the taxes on your Settlers to 45%. Build a couple of 50% Spice Plantations and advance part of your housing to Citizen level. Enough so that you can build a Gold Mine on your eastern island. This will help finance the purchasing Tobacco to complete your advancement to Citizens.

Once you are at Citizen level, build a few Cocoa Plantations and sell Cocoa. Also, build more Sheep farms and Weavers to provide enough Cloth for your people and allow you to build some more ships. Once you get your economy going, build ships and set on auto-trade to buy Tobacco from your Competitors.

Watch out for Pirates. They didnít establish a base when I played this Scenario so donít count on paying Protection gold. You may want to build 4 or 5 extra ships and equip them with a full complement of cannons to protect your shipping lanes. Keep your trading ships repaired.

The most advanced Competitor will be just northeast of you. This is the one you should help to get to 1,000 inhabitants. Once you are ready to advance to Merchants, check his population. If it is sitting in the low 900s, tribute him 10,000 Gold a couple of times and make sure you are selling Cocoa and Jewelry. If this still doesnít work, you may have to raise a small army and conquer the Computer player to the southeast of you. His island has Spice and Cotton at 100% and is a prime colony island for the player you are trying to help. Take over the island and then abandon it for your prime Competitor. This should be enough for him to advance to beyond the 1,000 population mark.

Campaign: On His Majesty's Service

Veni, Vidi, Vici

There are several ways to finish this mission successful.

Use your initial forces to take over at least two islands. I took over the one in the lower left and the one in the upper right after trying a few other combinations. The reason. You need Liquor and Tobacco or Spices to advance to Citizen. These islands have that combination and still leave your Opponents basically intact to buy your exports. Do not attack your Opponents' major islands. You need strong trade to reach the net Sales over Purchases of 500 gold. Try to leave both the Spice plantations and breweries/cane plantations intact when you take over the islands. Turn off some of the industries and sell excess. Your goal here is to get a positive cash flow as quickly as possible.

Once you take over the islands, make peace with your Opponents. Offer tribute if necessary. Until you make peace, watch out for invasions. I got caught without any troops on the Spice island and almost lost all my planations.

At the same time start building houses. You only need 20 houses to reach 300 Citizens. These will fit on the southwest island. Next retire some of your soldiers to reduce that cost. I picked the Artillery because they are the most expensive to maintain. Once you get a positive cash flow you should be home free as long as you watch your expenses.

To get the positive trade surplus of 500 gold, you will have to trade manually. The Free Traders do not buy enough. The northeast island has gold. Once you get to 150 Citizens, build a gold mine. Once you get to your 300 Citizens, load a ship with gold and go sell it. This will produce your 500 gold trade surplus very easily. This is another reason why you should leave your Opponents' major islands alone. They are or go to Merchant level and will demand gold.

Another variant:

I decided to replay the Scenario to see if it could be won without mining gold. It can.
Initially I took over the two islands on the extreme right (both red in my case). Then built up to 300 Citizens. I overproduced cloth and then built a Tailor's Shop. Produced clothes. Loaded a ship up with cloth, clothes, food, and liquor. Sailed to the centre island (he demands liquor which I produce in abundance from the northeast island) and sold clothes first. At 150 gold per ton it doesn't take much to produce a 500 gold trade surplus.

I actually got a better score doing it this way than taking over the southwest spice island. You do have to buy tobacco or spices though rather than using your own production.

Invade the island of the player at the bottom right of the map. Land at the top right corner and build a warehouse. Work your way towards the left side of the island. Try to take over the houses and the shipyard, and rebuild the foresters to be able to repair your ships.

Tear down the public bath or you will be left with demanding merchants and your developement will come to a halt. Next invade the island at top right to get the available alcohol. Build a goldmine as soon as you can. Now you have access to alcohol and cloth, the rest you can buy.

Since your mission requires you to reach a trade balance of 500 gold coins, do not destroy the player on the island at top right. Rather sell your whole inventory of gold in one big chunk, the clothing from your main island and everything else in demand. Turn of your buying orders before you start your sale of the century!

Pirates vs. Natives

Destroy the native village except the chief's hut and the spice dump to gain building space for 120 settlers.
Build a small shipyard and a ship, pickup building supplies from your pirate warehouse. Now destroy the native village completely and build a new settlement on this island. Start tool production immediately.
Be frugal with your building space! Take possession of the isle in the middle (alcohol and tobacco) and on top (iron ore).
Any problems to reach 30 merchants?


The Father and The Pirat

Your biggest problem should be: how do you get soldiers without being able to build a castle?
The yellow player has a castle....
Build a warehouse on his island and destroy his warehouse and tower. The castle is yours.
Build up your settlement until you can build a shipyard. Build as many ships as possible and arm them with your cannons. Destroy the pirates warehouse and the towers along the shore. Unload your cannons for seven cannoneers to attack the towers inland and your Father will offer you a peace treaty.