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9.1.3 Using Your Soldiers

Click a squad, or draw a frame around a group of squads, and you will find yourself in combat mode. If you want to send your soldiers to a specific point on the screen, just left click that point. But be sure to send them to a point they can reach.

Send the selected soldiers out to patrol a stretch between 2 points by clicking the "patrol" button, and then a point on the map.
The soldiers will now patrol the stretch between their starting point and the designated point on the map. Should enemy soldiers or ships penetrate the area patrolled, your soldiers will automatically defend themselves. To fight, click the soldiers, building, or ship to be attacked (while your soldiers are "selected"). Your soldiers will then move to the designated point of attack. If you want your soldiers to destroy trees or fields, you must hold the [CTRL] button down and then click on the object to be attacked.

A green bar shows your soldiers' current level of health. Naturally, the more badly wounded your soldiers are, the more this will drop. You can control all the soldiers in a particular specialty by clicking the icon for that specialty. You can also move groups of soldiers with different specialties at the same time by either drawing a frame around them or assigning them a button. Select the soldiers using the normal methods, and then press "CTRL" and a number from 1 to 9. The number you have assigned them now appears beside the green bar. You can now select all the soldiers in the designated group simply by pressing the assigned number. To learn how to select soldiers with the keyboard, please read APPENDIX "D".

You will see symbols for different troop formations in the combat menu. Select a troop of soldiers and click one of these symbols. the soldiers in that troop will then assume the selected formation. Sail your ship to your destination and anchor at the coast.


TO LOAD SOLDIERS ONTO A SHIP, FIRST SELECT THEM. NOW HOLD "CTRL" AND CLICK ON YOUR SHIP, WHICH IS WAITING AT THE COAST. To unload your soldiers, simply click the cargo hold where they are displayed, and they will appear on land.

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