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8.6 Trading With Natives

If you have settled an island, which has a native village on it, you can trade with them by using your market wagons.NOTE: You can only trade by sea with natives that have located their "CHIEF'S HUT" or "HEAD LODGE", close enough to the waterfront. You can easily tell this by sailing your ship to the coast nearest to their "chief's hut" or "head lodge". If the trade symbol (money bag) appears in the ship's menu, you are close enough and trade is possible. Go to info modeand click the lodge or chief's hut to find out what they have to offer and what they want in return. If you have the desired goods in your warehouse, or on your ship, make your way over to the native village. Now select the product in your ship's hold that the natives want. The arrow pointing up is now active, and you can unload the cargo. Select the amount of goods you want to trade to the natives, and click the "up" arrow to start unloading. Once this is done, you can now load onboard the corresponding value in goods which the natives have to offer by clicking the product in their lodge and using the "down" arrow. Once the trade value has been reached, the arrow will become transparent. If you want to trade some more, you will have to give the natives more of the supplies they desire.

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