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7.5 Pirates And Natives
7.5 Pirates And Natives

7.5 Pirates And Natives Some of the islands in 1602 A.D. are already inhabited by pirates or natives.You can see where when you sail along the coastline of an island, or when you anchor off the coast. This means that you don't have to

7.5 Pirates And Natives

explore an island to find out whether it is inhabited or not. This helps you decide whether or not you want to settle this island anyway. The natives are usually friendly towards strangers. If you decide to build your settlement on an island already inhabited by natives, you can trade with them (see chapter 8.6). Further diplomatic relations are not possible. If you decide to attack the natives, they will defend themselves.
During the course of the game you may run into pirates. Depending on the circumstances, these can either be dangerous robbers on the prowl, or useful trading partners and allies in case you are having problems with a competitor. Always keep in mind that pirate behavior is never predictable. If a pirate ship attacks your settlement, or one of your ships, defend yourself. Either try to sink the pirate ship, or surrender. You can also try to follow a pirate ship to find their hideout. Once you've found the pirate base, you have a number of options. Sail to their dock and click their warehouse. The Pirate menu will appear.

7.5 Pirates And Natives

Now click the bag of money to do business with the pirates. This can be especially interesting when the pirates have cannons for sale (see also chapter 8.5) Two other options are also available: paying protection money and taking out a contract. Click the pirate to open the appropriate menu. If you want to keep the pirates from attacking for awhile, you'll have to pay them protection money. The pirates will demand a certain sum of money from you. If you think that the amount is acceptable, click the outstretched hand to make payment. If you want to hire the pirates, say to harass your competitor's shipping, click "Assignment". Now choose the other

player's flag and click the pirate's hand to pay the required amount. Now your competitor will be forced to spend a little more time worrying about pirate attacks. Once again, never forget that pirate behavior is never predictable.

Anno 1602
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