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6.3 Building Houses

All buildings shown in the construction menu have been divided into categories such as workshops, roads and bridges,and defensive structures. You can see which buildings an icon represents by looking at the info bar.

6.3.1.jpg - 1965 Bytes

Clicking one of these icons opens the menu showing the different buildings in that category. Please note that some buildings only become available once both the population, and prosperity of your settlement have reached a certain level . Buildings not yet available are represented by an empty square with a question mark. Once you have chosen a building (by clicking it), the building will then appear below the 4 main icons. The arrows beside the building allow you to rotate it.

6.3.2.jpg  6.3.3.jpg If you want your buildings to align themselves to the road automatically, click the cross beside the arrows to activate the auto-rotate function. construction and operation costs, as well as the amount of building materials needed, are also shown.Your cursor will now assume the shape of the chosen building. You can only build within the area administered by your first building, the warehouse. You can see this area by clicking the warehouse in the info mode. When you move your cursor outside this area, you will only be able to see the outline of the building, and construction will be impossible. Building marketplaces allows you to expand the service area administered by your settlement. Clicking the desired spot on the playing screen will cause the building to be erected there, and the corresponding amounts of building materials and money will be deducted from the total. If the building on the screen is blinking, this means you cannot build it. Either you dont have enough money or building supplies, or you are trying to build outside the area administered by your settlement. The status line at the top of the screen shows how much building material is needed. If you are not sure what function a particular building has in the chain of production, see the corresponding entry in appendix A for more information.

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