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Clicking the warehouse, or on one of the marketplaces, in a city while in the info mode will display a status report for that city. Clicking the right button on your mouse brings you to the next higher menu where the overall status (the player status) of all your islands is shown. The number of inhabitants is displayed, as well as expenses and income. Always keep an eye on the overall financial status of your islands. To make it easier to keep track the total sum is color-coded. Red means you are operating at a loss, and green means that you are making a profit. You should check this status regularly once your settlements begin to grow to help keep you informed about any changes.

Underneath your current account balance you can find your current score. This lets you compare your current status with past games. Clicking the question mark beside the point score will open the evaluation screen, where you can see a detailed analysis of your game so far. Clicking the right button of your mouse returns you to the playing screen. < picture on page 17 top right hand corner goes in here>

Clicking the house with the question mark takes you to to the "cities" menu. Here you can see a list of all the cities you have founded, as well as the names of the cities founded by any other players with whom you have a trade agreement. When you move the cursor over the name of a city its location will will be shown by a cross hair on the overview map.

Clicking the ship with a question mark opens the "ship" menu. Here you will find a list of all of your ships. An additional symbol shows whether the ship is at anchor (an anchor), on a single voyage (a yellow arrow), or on an auto route course (a red arrow). The current position of the ship is shown by a cross hair on the overview map as soon as you place the cursor over the name of the ship. Clicking the name of a ship, or a city, from the list will automatically take you to that ship or city.

Anno 1602
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