5.1 The screen and icons

1602 A.D. is completely mouse-driven. For those players who prefer using the keyboard, appendix D contains a table of keyboard commands. The general rule for using for using the mouse is that the left button is for opening menus, clicking icons, and executing actions in the game screen. The right mouse button brings you back one menu level higher. When you are already on the first, or top, level of the menu screen the right mouse button has no function.

Your monitor now displays the playing screen with the info bar at the bottom, and the overview map on the right.

The playing screen fills most of the monitor. Here you can see exactly what is happening on the islands. The playing screen will automatically scroll in the direction of the cursor whenever the the cursor hits one of the edges of the playing screen. It will continue scrolling for as long as the cursor is held on the edge of the screen.


The status bar at the top of the screen will keep you informed as to how many people live in your settlement, how much money you have, and how many tons of tools, wood, and brick you have on hand. You should always keep an eye on the amount of building material available, as this determines the growth of your settlement. If your warehouse is running out of a particular product or material, the icon representing that material will appear shortly in the status bar. A spoken message will also inform you of the shortage.

The info bar at the bottom of the screen constantly offers context-sensitive help. If you place the cursor over an icon, the info bar will show a description of that icon. Special events happening outside the current playing screen are represented by small icons on the left side of the info bar. Clicking these icons will automatically transport you to where the event is taking place. This allows you to stay on top of everything that occurs on your islands. If you press the "J" button (for jump) after going to the scene of the occurrence, the screen will automatically return you to the last place or ship you had selected.

1602 A.D. automatically assigns ships, place, and wagon names. You can, however, change these. When you click on the name in the info mode a cursor will appear. You can now change the name. Confirm the setting by pressing "Enter".

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In the upper right corner of the monitor you can find the overview map, which helps you to stay oriented. Underneath this is the menu. Unsettled areas on am island are colored brown. As soon as a settlement is founded, the service area of that settlement will take on the color of the player that founded it. A blinking white frame indicates the area currently shown on the playing screen. Blue dots show the current position of your ships and wagons. Clicking a point on the overview map with the left mouse button automatically displays that area on the playing screen.

The arrows around the compass allow you to rotate the view on the playing screen by 90 degrees. The red end of the compass needle always points north.North is also indicated on the overview map. To the right of the compass is a magnifying glass. The plus symbol zooms you in for a detailed look at things while the minus sign zooms out.

The four icons below the compass are the most important icons in 1602 A.D. Each stands for a particular menu. These icons, as well as the overview map, the compass, and the magnifying glass, never move. One click lets you jump from one menu to the next.

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The construction menu lets you choose which buildings you want to erect. Which buildings you can erect, and at which point in time, is more thoroughly explained in chapter 6.

The battle menu allows you to control your soldiers and ships in battle. Chapter 9.1 explains land battles, and chapter 9.2 battles at sea.

The info menu gives you detailed information on the status of your settlement. Clicking on a building while being in the info menu will open an object menu for that building.

The options menu allows you to change game settings and to save, or load games. Here you can change the SCREEN RESOLUTION by clicking the corresponding field. The floppy disk icon opens the SAVE GAME menu.

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Here you can save, and load your games. The "Save" icon for saving games, and the "Load" icon is for loading saved games. A cursor appears when you click a saved game, allowing you to change the name. Clicking the "Exit" button displays the evaluation screen and allows you to leave the game.
The evaluation screen gives a total account of the current game and allows you to compare this with previous games. You can also access this screen at any time during play.

You can learn more about the evaluation screen and how to access it during the game in chapter 4.2. Clicking "Main menu" in the evaluation screen will return you to the main menu, where you can end 1602 A.D. simply by pressing "Exit".

Clicking the two notes opens the music menu. The background music currently playing is framed. You can play any particular title by clicking it. Use the arrows to scroll up and down through the list. The slider allows you to vary the volume of the music. If you want to play songs in a particular order, click the notes numbered "1,2,3". The "Test" button lets you check the volume level of the sound compared to the volume level of music.

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5.1.7.jpg - 3912 Bytes Video sequences and speech output

Clicking the plank at the bottom of the options menu marked 1602 A.D. opens a special menu for controlling the video sequenced and speech output.

Here you can chose which events you want to be told about vocally and which video sequenced you want to see while playing.


If you want to take a short break while playing 1602 A.D., press the "Pause" button on your keyboard. To return to the game, either press the "Escape" button on your computer or click the right button of your mouse.

Quit playing

When you want to end 1602 A.D. go to the options menu. This brings you to the evaluation screen, which gives a total account of the current game. You can now return to the main menu where you can leave 1602 A. D. simply by pressing "Exit". You can also leave the game by pressing the buttons ALT+F4. If you want to stop playing a tutorial game, hust click the "x" in the top left corner of the expanded info bar.