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3.2 ChoosingThe Mode Of Play

The single player mode offers the following options:

  • Tutorial
  • Continuous play
  • Play a scenario or a campaign

The tutorial gives you the chance to learn the basics about playing 1602 A.D.. This is especially interesting if you are playing 1602 A.D. for the first time or if you don't have any previous experience with progressive strategy games. The tutorial consists of a sequence of five scenarios, each of which builds upon the one before, and therefore they have to be played one after the other.

In the first scenario "Discovery", you learn to use the menus, explore islands, and discover which crops will grow best and whether or not there are any mineral deposits on the island.(See chapter 5).

In the second scenario, "Settling", you establish your first settlement and begin to produce food and industrial goods.(See chapter 6).

In the "Trade and Diplomacy" scenario you conclude a trade agreement with another player and sail a ship to their warehouse, where sell your goods and buy others. This teach you the skills needed for trading at sea.(See chapters 7 and 8).

The "Sea Battle" scenario puts you in control of a small flotilla of warships that you lead into battle.(See chapter 9.2).

The last scenario, "Land Battle" teaches you how to command a small troop of soldiers in battle.After landing your troops,lead them in their attack on a small enemy force.(See chapter 9.1).

Now that you have mastered the basics, you can enter the "Continuous Play" mode and trade with, or fight against, up to three computer opponents as you explore and settle a new world of islands.

The following quick start guide refers to the start of continuous play.

Anno 1602
by Max Design 1998 by Sunflowers
distributed by Infogrames


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